Piezoelectric voltage constant g

A property that determines the degree of piezoelectric effect. g is defined somewhat differently depending on the type of effect (direct or inverse).

Effect Symbol Description Applicability Units
Direct gD g at constant dielectric displacement D —
electric field developed per unit of applied stress
Transducers used as receivers; accelerometers volt m/N
Inverse gT g at constant stress T —
strain developed per unit of applied dielectric displacement
Transducers used as transmitters m2/Coulomb

Although gD and gT have different units, their numerical values in the S.I. system are identical (see Berlincourt (3), equation 24a, p. 188). The value depends on the type of piezoelectric material, the time since poling, and local conditions (e.g., the temperature, electric field strength, static stress, etc.). The value also depends on the orientation of the stress-strain or electric field with respect to the poling direction. For transducers g33 (i.e., parallel orientation) is most common although g31 (i.e., perpendicular orientation) is sometimes used.

Also see other piezoelectric properties.