Thin-plate wave speed

A material property: the wave speed of a pressure wave in an infinite plate of small thickness. The thin-plate wave speed is related to other material properties by —

\begin{align} \label{eq:12501a} c_{tp} &= c_{tw} \left[ \frac{1}{1 - \nu^2} \right]^{1/2}\\[0.7em]%eqn_interline_spacing \end{align}

where —

\( c_{tp} \) = thin-plate wave speed
\( c_{tw} \) = thin-wire wave speed
\( \nu \) = Poisson's ratio

The thin-plate wave speed is not significantly affected by the plate thickness (for reasonable Poisson's ratio) up to about 60 mm at 20 kHz. (See Diercks, pp. 1957 - 1958.)

The thin-plate wave speed is useful in calculating the performance of flexurally vibrating plates and disks and radially vibrating disks.

Reference: Meyer (1), equation 1.62, p. 19

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